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The Tudors: Season 3, Episode 1

This is a weekly discussion of The Tudors.  SPOILERS below!

Since I’ve been having so much fun doing my weekly LOST discussion, I decided to extend it to The Tudors!  I picked the picture above because it cracks me up – it looks like it’s straight out of the Matrix or something.  Anyways, onto the discussion.

Well, Henry has finally turned into a completely horrible person.  I think his belief that Anne betrayed him, after we found out that he really did love her, pushed him over the edge.  My question is, is he really naive enough to believe that Anne was THAT unfaithful to him (one man I can understand – but that many, including her brother?  Ugh!)  Doesn’t he know by now that if he wants someone out of the way, his cronies will find a way to get him or her out of the way?

We finally saw Henry VIII’s injury today, the one that’s supposed to have already made him start putting on weight because he can’t exercise.  Obviously they aren’t going to make Jonathan Rhys-Meyers gain a bunch of weight, but his injury also made him a very unpleasant person to be around, so that’s probably going to show through more this season.

The only thing I could think when Henry sent Charles Brandon off to deal with the rebels was “please don’t kill him off!”  Brandon is definitely my favorite character, and I feel like he’s the only one who can temper Henry and make him see reason at this point.

I’m not sure what to think of Sir Francis.  They always introduce new characters in the season premieres, but the verdict is still out on him.  I think I’ll like him though.

I’m glad that Princess Mary signed the document declaring herself a bastard.  I hope she comes back to court soon, she’ll add a lot to the series with Anne gone.  I find myself missing Anne – she really grew on me by the end.

It seems that Henry is only interested in Jane Seymour for two things – her pretty face and her ability to have sons.  Every time she opens her mouth, he slaps her down with his “why aren’t you pregnant?” talk.  My guess is that he doesn’t want a smart queen after Anne, he just wants someone who will sit there quietly and have his children.  Still, I feel really sorry for Jane.  She really is trying her best to be an advocate for women in the court and Henry won’t give her the time of day.  Maybe he’ll pay more attention to her once she gets pregnant, which we know will happen soon.  (Incidentally, did anyone else notice that they changed the Jane Seymour actress from last season to this season?  I heard it was because the old actress wouldn’t do nude scenes.  Umm, hello, have you SEEN this show?)

I wonder if we’re seeing the beginning of the downfall of Cromwell with this rebellion.  Yes, I know Henry just knighted him, but Henry is obviously NOT HAPPY with what’s going on in the countryside.  He obviously blames Cromwell, and unless it gets fixed quickly, I feel like we’ll be saying goodbye to Cromwell this season.

Well, I think that’s everything!  It was a great episode and I think we’re in for a good season!

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